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Stone Sports Management is very selective when choosing clients to represent. SSM approaches players who have on-field qualities that will thrive in a professional environment.  SSM then builds a relationship with these players to determine if the Player-Agency relationship is an appropriate fit on and off the field.   

Although we will review all submitted inquiries, prospective clients who have not been approached by SSM must have available a detailed CV and should be able to submit a recent full match video (highlights at a minimum) either in hard copy or online. It will take several days, if not weeks to fully review a prospective client's materials. SSM’s commitment to quality and their trusted relationships ensures that they recommend only players they have seen. If you do not have these items prepared, then it is highly recommended organizing before submitting your materials.

Players interested in submitting a CV or video can click here.  Hard copies of video can be mailed to the address found on that page.